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The RBTI Study Forum is an on-line opportunity for direct communication with Dr. Beddoe, author of the RBTI textbooks, Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition and Biological Ionization as Applied to Farming and Soil Management, as well as author of  other related RBTI books and publications. This Study Forum is primarily designed to make available to Dr. Beddoe's students an efficient way to access his time and RBTI expertise outside of the seminar classroom in all areas of RBTI application, i.e. from soil to human health. An important component for this efficiency is offered in the ability to archive questions and answers for the benefit of all present and future members of the Forum.

The intent of the Forum is to be of assistance to students in all levels of Dr. Beddoe's RBTI seminars. The success of this method of communication is dependent upon the questions being asked.  Basic knowledge and understanding of RBTI is an unwritten pre-requisite for asking questions on the Study Forum.  The forum is not a substitute for personal study, but is a tool to be utilized in the learning process, therefore also allowing, if need be, for Dr. Beddoe to delete questions that are very basic RBTI knowledge.


The Forum is open to all of Dr. Beddoe's that have completed Level II of the online video training.  If you have attended any of Dr. Beddoe's RBTI human nutrition seminars or garden seminars, whether through Advanced Ideals Institute or otherwise you are eligible to participate in the Forum as long as you have completed RBTI Level II.  For all students, prior to December, 2004, please send (by e-mail or FAX) a copy of your certificate of completion of the last level of class you had completed with Dr. Beddoe.  Thank you.

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The Forum is subscription-based and automated to simplify its administration, bookkeeping and technical management time. Each eligible person that desires to participate can choose to subscribe for one, three or six-month time periods. The subscription fees are paid via Advanced Ideals Institute's very secure PayPal online credit or debit card processing system. We have chosen PayPal, because of it being a long-standing, trusted and extremely secure system, besides being user friendly for everyone.

  • One (1) month Subscription: $35
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To assure the integrity and privacy of all registered Forum members, the identity and eligibility of all those Registering, while fully disclosed to Advanced Ideals Institute, will remain private from the forum members. On the forum itself you will be identified with your user name. Your actual name will not be listed on the forum unless you choose to list your name with your question. 

During the process of Registering, to participate in the Forum, you will be asked to read and agree to a Registration Agreement. Again, this is for protection of the Forum and the data it accumulates as well as the subscribing member.


PLEASE NOTE: Registering for the Forum is a two stage process. The first stage is eligibility determination. Only Dr. Beddoe's past and present seminar students are currently eligible to join. If you are a current student of Dr. Beddoe's, through attending Advanced Ideals Institute's RBTI seminars, you are automatically eligible to join. If you have been a student in any of Dr. Beddoe's seminars, previous to December, 2004, you may send a copy of your seminar attendance certificate or documentation to verify that you have attended a seminar(s) of Dr. Beddoe's prior to December 2004, as indicated above. Upon receipt of your verification we will be in touch with you to complete the second stage of your Registration by activating your subscription-membership time period.

To begin Registration follow these steps:

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