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Pike Lab Supplies,
P.O. Box 67,
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tester testing test instruments



Best if has these features:
  • Automatic Temperature Compensated (ATC)

  • 0-32 Brix range

  • focusable eye-piece so viewer can focus to own needs

pH Meter --- LAQUATwin pH meter (Model B-713) by Horiba.
Download LAQUAtwin pH instruction manual HERE.
pH meter  

  • Be sure to order extra pH calibrating solutions for pH of 4.01 and pH of 7.00. Only a small amount of calibrating solutions come with the meter.


Conductivity Meter --- Twin Cond (Model B-771) by Horiba.
Download LAQUAtwin COND instruction manual HERE.
conductivity meter  

  • Meter comes with minimum of calibrating solution, so please order extra.


Urea Test Kit (by Pike Labs) contains:

urea testing communion cup

  • Ammonia Nitrate Test Solution --- accompanied by sized plastic dropper cap.
  • Nitrate Test Solution --- accompanied by sized glass dropper cap.
  • Glass dropping pipettes with removable rubber bulbs.
  • Test Tubes (Note: do not have to used these if have disposable communion cups referred to below.)
  • Universal Extracting Solution --- accompanied by glass dispensing bottle with glass dropper cap.
  • Urea Color Cards for both Nitrate & Ammonia test color interpretation. Latest urea color charts can be found in the NEW 2008 RBTI e-Textbook edition. CLICK HERE to get your copy.
  • Ceramic Well Plate (wells should be no less than 6mm deep).

Extra Equipment Necessary:

  • Wash bottle (see above) --- size between around 300 to 500 ml.
  • Graduated cylinder (see above) --- 100 ml size, non-breakable type.
  • Pen Light --- small, higher intensity type.
  • Disposable latex or vinyl gloves.
  • Disposable clear plastic communion cups. These can be purchased by the 1000 very inexpensively from a Christian Book and Bible store. They are perfect for collecting saliva samples and making urine extract for urea testing. After use they can just be thrown out --- “no muss no fuss.”
  • Approximately 1 quart size square plastic pan for containing acid neutralizing bath made up of baking soda and tap water.
  • Digital Timer for timing Urea tests.
  • Safety glasses are recommended.




We Recommend

Lamotte Special STH-14 Soil Testing Kit

pH meter  
All Equipment Available From Pike Lab Supply ---- Please Contact Them

Note: The above equipment recommendation is what Dr. Beddoe currently finds is the best for running the RBTI urine and saliva tests. For those interested in soil test equipment, you will need to contact Pike Lab Supply.



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