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RBTI Data Storage and Charting Software is a tool for RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) practitioners to store and keep track of:

  • All ancillary information for each client such as Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Health Questionnaire etc.

  • Calculate 'C' number from test information entered.

  • Calculates the BMI to provide clues to possible overweightness.

  • Tracks all test numbers so they can be visually compared on the Anionic / Cationic Range and Zone Effects chart.

  • Allows up to seven tests to be combined for comparison on the computer screen as well as printed on one full color Anionic / Cationic Range and Zone Effects chart for client education and/or hard copy records.

  • All client contact information, including keeping track of electronic communications and notifications with client.

Supported operating systems include Windows XP and Mac OS X. A Linux version may be considered if there is enough interest.

This is the only RBTI related software available which is officially endorsed by Dr. Beddoe and Advanced Ideals Institute.

You can download this software and try it for 30 days (with some limitations) before it must be registered. This will allow you to get a feel for the software before purchase. Registration entitles you to a permanent license which can be used on up to two (2) computers. You will also receive some future updates at no charge.

Current Price for Software: $195


All technical and support questions are to be directed to the software developer and publisher at Fenrisoft. not to Advanced Ideals Institute .... Thank you.

A discount is available to Advanced Ideals Institute's Level II and higher students. If you qualify, after your trial usage of the software, you may contact Advanced Ideals Institute for a discount code to be used during the registration/activation process.

Click The Link Below To Go To Fenrisoft To Begin A 30-day Trial Of The Software:


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