Welcome To Advanced Ideals Institute. We Are The Premier Source For Advanced And Comprehensive Information, Guidance, Instruction, Training & Certification In The Genuine Science & Technology Of Dr. Carey Reams' Biological Theory Of Ionization (RBTI). ---Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization Provides The Only Real-Time Reference Point For Understanding Perfect Health In The Full Spectrum Of Biological Life, Whether Dealing With Plants, Animals Or Humans. --- RBTI Reveals The Real Technology For Why And How To Produce Both The Highest Quality And The Most Perfect Plant And Animal Food Sources As Well As The Most Perfect Human Health Possible. RBTI Defines "Normal" Health As A Dis-ease. Yes, RBTI Goes Beyond "Normal" ---




Thank you for taking a moment to consider supporting the work of Advanced Ideals Institute with a generous gift. Advanced Ideals Institute was established as a ministry whose mission is to exclusively promote the learning, application and demonstration of the science and technology of Dr. Carey Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). Advanced Ideals Institute is headed by Dr. A. F. Beddoe who was asked by Dr. Reams, before his death in 1985, to take up his mantle that he was reluctantly having to lay down. With the advent and progress of the worldwide web, Dr. Beddoe saw an unlimited opportunity to hold up RBTI's ideals before the world. With the constant media bombardment about the

Here is our challenge. Advanced Ideals Institute was begun with the idea of being self supporting ministry through the sale of RBTI information to an ever expanding foundation of new interests, students and friends world wide. That theory has worked well up until this year. The challenging economy that has impacted our nation as well as the world has also impacted the sale of Advanced Ideals Institute's RBTI publications and information.

We have been directed to now offer the gifting opportunity to our world wide audience.
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