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Vitamin C and vitamin D are very important vitamins for working with your body’s pH and calcium ratios. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation circulating about them also.

One example, of this misinformation, states that all humans need mega (huge) doses of vitamin C to have good health. This assumption is totally incorrect. Vitamin C is a strong acid-reacting substance. If someone takes mega doses of a strong acid substance who is strongly acid already, as shown by their urine and saliva pH numbers, would be like adding fuel to a fire. It could be very toxic to them. On the other hand, if an individual’s pH numbers show strongly alkaline, then vitamin C would benefit their chemistry. However, even then one must go by the pH numbers to determine how much vitamin C can be included in their mineral program.

By the way, if there is any vitamin C that is sold under the pretense of being neutral or “buffered” don’t believe it. There is only one form of vitamin C that is truly neutral and it comes the way nature makes it in onions. Yes, fresh onion soup contains a form of neutral or non-acid vitamin C. When you cannot take acid forms of vitamin C, because your pH is too acid according to the charts, make yourself fresh onion soup two or three times per week (see fresh onion soup recipe on page 42 of The Calcium Kit).
Another example of misinformation states that vitamin D, in large doses, can be toxic. The problem with this statement is that it leads to presumption. Vitamin D is the opposite of vitamin C in its reaction in body chemistry. This means that it is used as an alkalizing agent to move the pH numbers up the scale away from acid. Therefore, vitamin D is valuable in helping the right calcium to eliminate acid pH numbers. However, vitamin D has the potential to be toxic if used in a body that is already too alkaline, just like vitamin C would be toxic to a body that is too acid.

Vitamin D is a catalyst for calcium uptake. This means, among other things, that relatively small doses are required to get the necessary reaction. Therefore, when you see, by your pH numbers, that 5,000 units or 50,000 units of vitamin D-3 are recommended it is important to understand what that number means. Units are not equal to milligrams. If you were to be showing a need for 50,000 units of vitamin D-3 that would only be equivalent to 1.25 milligrams of actual D-3.

Cod liver oil is another source of vitamin D, although it is a very weak source. It is great for children and many senior citizens. Cod liver oil has the benefit of containing what are called “co-factors.” These “co-factors” enhance the utilization of vitamin D. They could be compared to the benefits of bioflavinoids as co-factors of vitamin C utilization. So anytime the urine pH is below 6.2 you will see noted that Cod Liver Oil is recommended along with vitamin D. Refer to charts for suggested dosages, and also see section Cod Liver Oil on page 44 of The Calcium Kit.

Remember, your pH numbers are the key to knowing what you body needs in mineral nutrients—especially calcium. The ideal pH range, that you should be seeking, which maintains for optimum calcium and mineral uptake along with proper frequency adjustment, is 6.3 to 6.5 or 6.2 to 6.6 at the outside of both urine and saliva.
Vitamin C, next to calcium, is probably one of the most vital nutrients Dr. Reams ever researched and came to thoroughly understand. He found that it is literally the glue that holds the cells of the body together. Without it, the body really begins to become “unglued.” He also found that if the body can maintain 4500 ppm of vitamin C in the blood, on a daily basis, that this was critical to achieving “perfect health.” The challenge, he found, was how to accomplish this if the body’s pH measures below 6.20. You see, vitamin C is an acid reacting substance in the digestion. If the body’s pH is below 6.20, vitamin C (aka­—ascorbic acid) will only complicate and worsen the electrochemical acidic challenge the body is dealing with. In order to find a solution to this challenge, Dr. Reams attempted to develop an alkaline acting vitamin C. A vitamin C that, when fed into a electrochemistry with a pH less than 6.20, would contribute to moving the pH toward the ideal body pH range of 6.40. Unfortunately, Dr. Reams never accomplished this goal, even though he did discover that fresh onions, when cooked or stewed, contained a neutral form of vitamin C that was extremely beneficial. Hence, as you have seen in this book, the Onion Soup or “C Soup” recipe on page 42. Until now, there has never been available a form of vitamin C that did not aggravate the body’s pH when below 6.20.

Now, through an amazing new technology, I can fully confirm that there is a form of vitamin C that can be ingested when the body’s pH range is below 6.20 supporting an achievement towards the 4500 ppm of vitamin C the body needs to maintain perfect health. This form of vitamin C works not only in pH ranges below 6.20, it supplies vitamin C for the blood needs in any pH range. It is called LYPO-SPHERIC C .

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