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RBTI Certification




During the years Dr. Beddoe was privileged to learn directly and personally from Dr. Reams, it was very apparent that there was no written and established reference material for the study, learning and application of RBTI — Dr. Reams had never written any reference material on the subject, himself.1 All RBTI information was being shared either by word of mouth and/or through audio tapes that students had recorded of Dr. Reams giving instruction to various interested groups. Portions of the information, from these audio tapes and the compilations2 that resulted from them, have, unfortunately, added to an undercurrent of misunderstanding and misinformation over the years. This misunderstanding and misinformation resulted, primarily, from both innocent and inadvertent misstated or incompletely stated information that Dr. Reams made (in addition, now used out-of-context) that was not noticed, corrected or explained at the time but were taken as RBTI absolutes over the ensuing months, years and decades that have passed since, by individuals relying on this information. To add to the confusion, there were others who took a few classes from Dr. Reams gleaning incomplete information and then taught their "revised and/or "modified" version of RBTI utilizing their own design and name — this — because they did not grasp or understand the critical unchangeable basics of the math, energy and technology of the RBTI system, as taught by Dr. Reams — a travesty to Dr. Reams legacy and the true world of natural health.

Today (2012), more than 27 years after the death of Dr. Carey Reams, much of the confusion surrounding RBTI remains. With the advent and exponential growth of the internet, the interest in RBTI's unique approach to soil, plant and human health science, has certainly grown which is good. Clearly, it has and will take time for the misinformation and misunderstanding to be alleviated. This remains an issue.

Since 1984, with Dr. Reams' blessing, Dr. Beddoe published the first ever textbooks on the theory and practice of Biological Theory of Ionization in agriculture and human health. Both books received written approval from Dr. Reams, to Dr. Beddoe, before he passed away in 1985. Since then, Dr. Beddoe has continued to improve, expand and define his publications on the exacting standards that Dr. Reams personally taught him. Mathematical standards that Dr. Reams established through unique and different, but incredible research over fifty plus years of his life. Dr. Beddoe is currently working on the next generation of his RBTI textbooks. This new release, promises to be the most in-depth, expanded and complete explanation of basic and advanced RBTI material ever written. These books are a major rewrite of the RBTI concepts in order to take the student into an even yet more expanded, advanced comprehension and application of RBTI, clinical and agricultural, while thoroughly allowing the student "to know" that "they know" true RBTI and how it really works in the soil, plant, animal and human.

Advanced Ideals Institute has been established as the source for complete, in depth and accurate training in the how-to of all RBTI applications and is in the process of making it possible for RBTI students to become certified as an added indication of their greater ability to understand and apply the RBTI technology to human health for the benefit of the ever-increasing number of consumers, desiring to be directly involved in their own health and well-being.


  1. Preparation begins with completion of the basic four levels of RBTI seminars — Level I, Level II, Level III, Level IV. After the completion of Level II, the student should begin practicing the basic testing and interpretation skills that they have acquired in the first two Levels. This means running the RBTI tests on as many volunteer family, friends and others etc. as possible.

  2. Attend the RBTI Garden and Food Quality Seminar.

  3. Then filling out the analytical tutorials (see pages 149-150 of the textbook) on each clients test as well as working up a set of sample recommendations based on personal RBTI knowledge gained from text and seminars.

  4. Join and participate in Advanced Ideals Institute's On-line Student Forum. This is a venue for having direct contact with Dr. Beddoe by obtaining assistance on specific questions they have as well as to review all that is archived and continues to be added.

  5. Attend as many Live Study Groups as possible.


The Live Study Group sessions will be scheduled at regular intervals on an on-going basis, to meet the critical need for the students to advance their working experience and expertise with RBTI science, principles and techniques. When the student finds that the Live Study Group is not offering any new challenge, for the most part, to their RBTI knowledge, it can be a good indication that they would want to take the Certification exam.

As in all advanced programs, there will be requirements to continue to maintain your certification standing. In other words, each RBTI tester that becomes Certified through Advanced Ideals Institute Certification Program, will be required to attend additional continuing educational training to maintain their AII Certification and remain in Advanced Ideals Institute's Directory of Certified RBTI testers.


For those desiring to become certified by Advanced Ideals Institute (AII), the RBTI student will need to follow an application and exam process when they feel they are ready.

  1. Eligibility: In order to be eligible to take Advanced Ideals Institute's Certification exam, the RBTI student has: A) Completed AII's basic RBTI training from Level I through Level IV. B) Actively participated in an adequate number of Live Study Group sessions that prepares them to successfully pass the exam C) Actively participates in AII's On-Line Study Forum. D) Completed an Advanced Ideals Institute's weekend Garden and Food Quality Seminar.

  2. Application: An RBTI student seeking to be Certified and listed in Advanced Ideals Institute's Directory of Certified RBTI Testers must first comply with the "Eligibility" requirement of Part 1 above. Submit an application and information form. Provide an active and current E-mail address to participate. All data, regarding each candidate, will be entered into AII's private and confidential data base in anticipation of the candidate's successfully completing the exam. Application fee of $ ???

  3. Exam: When Advanced Ideals Institute finds that sufficient candidates are ready for the Certification Exam, an exam schedule will be posted. The exams will be given in Santa Barbara, California. The exam will be given over two or more days. The exam will include both a written and an oral part, that will cover all aspects of RBTI theory and application that have been taught by Dr. Beddoe. There will be an exam fee of $???. The fee will cover the costs of the exam days and the personal scoring and evaluation by Dr. Beddoe and staff. The same fee will apply if the candidate is required to repeat the exam.

  4. Certification Exam Report The candidate will receive a Certification Exam Evaluation Report covering their score and determination of receiving their Certificate.

  5. Non Pass Score: Certification Candidates that do not pass the exam, may be encouraged to repeat more Study Group sessions as well as repeat RBTI Levels III and IV before retaking the exam. (All online video training seminars can always be repeated at any stage of the student's training at 50% off the full tuition.) Each candidate will be given specific suggestions as to what they most need to do in order to successfully complete the exam the next time they take it.

  6. Annual Requirements to Maintain Certification: A)There will be an annual fee of $??? to maintain each certified membership in AII's data base . B) There will be requirements offered for continuing education that have not yet been determined.

  7. PLEASE NOTE: All certification requirements are subject to changes and updating as the need arises.


  • The certification program has not yet been implemented.
  • Certification exams will be offered to all students taking the on-line video training but exams will be held only in the US.
  • Certification through Advanced Ideals Institute will be offered to students that attended courses by Dr. Beddoe
  • Once certification is completed by a student their name can be added to the student certification directory of Advanced Ideals Institute if they so wish. As with all directories of this nature the certification acknowledges that requirements have been completed.



1. For the sake of those aware of past or present existence of such publications as, The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come (by Nord Davis), Health Guide for Survival (by Salem Kirban), and No Time To Die (by Joanne Fontenot), these were intended and written to share personal experiences of these individuals as they were placed on RBTI programs by Dr. Reams himself. Non of these books were written to be complete instructional and reference texts, so cannot be relied upon for complete or thorough instructional information. Likewise, Choose Life Or Death, (by Carey Reams with Cliff Dudley) would be classed as a type of autobiography and not a classroom reference text or source for complete in-depth RBTI instruction.

2. Referring to the "Alphabetical Reference Manual" compiled by the Gardeners


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