2007 Seminar Schedule Overview



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The Long-awaited new edition of the textbook(s) … a few added surprises!


We will not be scheduling any new Human series seminars/Garden/Food Quality seminars or Soil/AG series seminars for 2007 in order to devote the time necessary to complete the new textbooks first. While we would love to be able to, instead, it has become vital to take this “modified sabbatical” time in order to complete the book project. We have received many requests from individuals seeking to become new RBTI students of Advanced Ideals Institute and we appreciate their desires very much. We can also appreciate their disappointment in this news, but know that we must stay the course and make the books the #1 priority this year. Only then, can we resume scheduling seminars for new students.  During this “modified sabbatical,” we will continue to be committed to our current students needs as we look forward to accepting new students once our books are completed. We will notify everyone of when we plan to begin new seminar series as we approach that time. We appreciate, deeply, your patience in this and we want you to know that we value greatly your requests to learn — more than ever — and this being among the reasons that we must complete the books first and foremost to allow us the time we need to fully serve all new students that attend our future seminars.

In the meanwhile, we would like to encourage you to study RBTI through the current version of the textbooks that are available. New copies can be obtained through Pike Labs. You may also want to check as there may be someone you know that would be willing to lend you a copy. Additionally, we encourage all of our students to read the new (2004 edition) of Nourishment Home Grown, Profiles of Living, The Intelligent Farmer and the (Revised Third Edition 2005) of The Calcium Kit.  The Calcium Kit is extremely valuable as a means for the person “at home” to monitor their pH to enable them to know which calciums work for their specific body chemistry. The Calcium Kit will help you take this very “significant” first step in addressing personal application for the benefits of the of RBTI technology. The new textbooks will greatly expand the view of RBTI today in light of Contemporary Science. They will promote an even greater awareness of the study in the science and principles of RBTI. While the science and principles remain the same these new, greatly expanded, editions will be invaluable for the serious student of RBTI in the 21st Century.


We appreciate your interest in our work at Advanced Ideals Institute and look forward to all future contact with you. We will be delighted to have you as students. In the meanwhile, we will keep you apprised of when the textbooks are completed and we begin scheduling new RBTI classes. For those of you wanting to take a Garden/Food quality seminar in 2007, we do have one scheduled in Cleveland (Ohio for Friday and Saturday July 27 and 28) as part of the series of seminars, begun in Cleveland in 2006. Garden/Food Quality seminars are offered for the serious student seeking to participate in  the Human RBTI Certification program. The Garden/Food Quality seminars are open to everyone. By the way, this seminar is a fantastic way to start learning RBTI.

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February 3-4

Los Angeles

March 9-10 (Fri-Sat)

June 2-3


Santa Barbara


May 19-20

Santa Barbara

June 15-16 (Fri-Sat)


July 27-28 (Fri-Sat)


August 18-19

Santa Barbara


October 13-14

Santa Barbara