Both "New" and "Old"


While we would love to be able to schedule seminars for new students in 2008, we will yet have to wait, as it has become vital to continue our sabbatical time in order to complete the textbook project. Although we did not schedule any seminars in 2007 for new students, we were engaged in fulfilling the completion of our previously scheduled seminar series. We were completed with all 2007 seminars the end of July 2007. Our sabbatical was a semi-sabbatical and we have seriously run out of the time necessary to finish writing the new textbooks. We continue to receive many requests from individuals seeking to become new RBTI students of Advanced Ideals Institute and we appreciate their desires very much. We can also appreciate their disappointment in this news, but know that we must stay the course and make the books the #1 priority above all else this year. Only then, can we resume scheduling new seminars. As we embark with writing in 2008, we will remain committed to our current students needs along with writing the textbooks. Those of you that remain current on our e-mail list, as well as those of you who regularly visit our website, will be informed when new seminars are scheduled once again. We appreciate, deeply, your patience in this and we want you to know that we value greatly your requests to learn. We have developed a very long waiting list and truly wish we could be scheduling for 2008. We know we must complete the books for yet another reason, that being the tremendous interest in how RBTI interfaces with the continually increasing amount of information available that people are being exposed to in today’s health arena.

In the meanwhile, we would like to encourage you to study RBTI through the current versions of the human and agriculture textbooks that are available. Copies of the current ag text, Biological Ionization as Applied to Farm and Soil Management, are available at this link. Current human text is now available in an e-book format. The 2008 RBTI e-Textbook edition of Biological Ionization as Applied To Human Nutrition is now fully electronically avilable. Additionally, we encourage all of our students to read the new (2004 edition) of Nourishment Home Grown, Profiles of Living, The Intelligent Farmer and the (Revised Third Edition 2005) of The Calcium Kit.  The Calcium Kit is extremely valuable as a means of addressing a very significant aspect of Calcium needs for the person “at home” whereby they can monitor their pH, which enables them to monitor their pH and determine which calciums work for them specifically. The Calcium Kit will help you take this very “significant” first step in addressing personal application of the benefits of the of RBTI technology.

We also want to direct all those new to Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn some very basic information about RBTI. Many questions about calcium and its importance are addressed on The Right Calcium page as well as FAQs about Calcium, Caclium Supplements and RBTI.

We appreciate your interest in our work at Advanced Ideals Institute and look forward to all future contact with you. We will be delighted to have you as new students when we resume our seminar schedule!

Happy New Year, 2008

Advanced Ideals Institute