Some "New" and Some "Déjà Vu"

Greetings for 2009:

While we would love to be able to schedule seminars for new students in 2009, we will yet have to wait, as it has become even more evident that we must continue our "working sabbatical" time in order to complete the new textbook project that has been in the works, since mid-2007, when we completed the last seminar series. The textbook project has certainly taken more time than was originally anticipated, yet, in retrospect, it can be no other way. Dr. Beddoe is unwavering in his resolve to not only reveal more of the vital working and technical intricacies of Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI), in his upcoming new three volume set, but also highlight how past and present day bioscience and biotechnology are substantiating what Dr. Reams was divinely lead to discover about life and health of soil, plants, animals and humans over 75 years ago.

As we said last year, "our sabbatical was a semi-sabbatical and we have seriously run out of the time [as originally projected] necessary to finish writing the new textbooks." "Déjà Vu" anyone? We continue to receive many requests from individuals seeking to become new RBTI students of Advanced Ideals Institute, and we appreciate their desires very much. We can also appreciate their disappointment in this news, but know that we must continue to "stay the course and make the books the #1 priority above all else" as much as possible. Only then will RBTI truly provide a vital usable health legacy for the world — if it will. Yes, only through comprehensive reference texts will a foundation be provided for bringing the science of RBTI into the twenty-first century health arena. Until then, RBTI is destined to remain more of a anecdotal phenomenon kept alive by health rumor mills and scientific ignorance.

In order to accomplish a writing project of this size, full time uninterrupted attention is an absolute requirement. With all due respect, Dr. Beddoe has not yet been able to claim this desired requisite fully.

As always, those of you on our  current e-mail list, as well as those of you who regularly visit our web site, will be informed on the availability of the new reference texts and the new seminars to follow. We appreciate, deeply, your patience in this and we want you to know that we value greatly your requests to learn.

As before, we would like to encourage you to study RBTI through the current versions of the human and agriculture textbooks that are available. Copies of the current ag text, Biological Ionization as Applied to Farm and Soil Management, are available at this link. The 2008 RBTI Textbook edition of Biological Ionization as Applied To Human Nutrition is now also available in an e-text format. Additionally, we encourage all of our students to read the new (2004 edition) of Nourishment Home Grown, Profiles of Living, The Intelligent Farmer and the (Revised Third Edition 2005) of The Calcium Kit.  The Calcium Kit will help you take a very “significant” first step in addressing a personal application of the benefits of RBTI technology by helping you understand how to regulate your body's real and vital calcium needs. This "at-home" do-it-yourself kit, deals with an aspect of body chemistry that has the potential of having the greatest impact on overall mineral energy stores in the body — pH.

We want to draw your attention to two new pages now available. The first is for those who are interested in greater discounts on the unique RBTI food supplements. We believe this page will be of real value to the individual as well as groups who are looking for ways to receive additional savings when purchasing RBTI supplements. CLICK HERE to check how much you can save when you purchase from this page. The second is for anyone interested in purchasing Dr. Beddoe's books wholesale. CLICK HERE to see how easy it is to purchase RBTI books for wholesale distribution.

We also want to direct all those new to Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn some very basic information about RBTI. Many questions about calcium and its importance are addressed on The Right Calcium page as well as FAQ's about Calcium, Calcium Supplements and RBTI.

Recently we were contacted by some of our faithful students and customers about not being able to access our web site. When we checked into this, we found that our server had been "hacked" and a virus type program had been planted that redirected visitors to other web sites — as if our web site didn't exist. This was a server virus and not one that affects personal computers. Our server people informed us that our site had a new type that they had not seen before. It didn't take them long to locate and cleanse our server. I guess we were one of the few who had never experienced this type of problem before. Nevertheless, it is history now and we do thank those that took the time to inform us of the problem they were experiencing.

We want to thank each one of you that has supported this ministry through your purchases and all contacts with Advanced Ideals Institute

We appreciate your interest in our work at Advanced Ideals Institute and look forward to all future contact with you. We will be delighted to have you as new students when we resume our seminar schedule. May that be soon!

Abundant Blessings in 2009

Advanced Ideals Institute