*Special announcement regarding the new On-line RBTI Video Training:

In our June 6th e-mail announcement, sent to our contact list, we listed the dates each level of our new on-line training program will initially be available for study. We have just realized that we forgot to place this list in the course description itself found at this link. We are listing them here now for quick reference and we sincerely apologize for this oversight.

The following are the dates of availability for the initial course offering:

  • Level I June 1, 2012
  • Level II September, 4th, 2012
  • Level III December 4th, 2012
  • Level IV March 4th, 2013

**Once the initial course Levels are all online and available the student may then proceed to the next Level of study at their own pace through all 4 Levels.


It is almost unbelieveable that 2012 is very, very close to being half over. As we hear it said so often, there are approximately 200 shopping days til' Christmas, but whose counting. Anyway, we hope that you have discovered and experienced every blessing that has come your way so far this year. And we hope your Memorial Day weekend found you reflecting on your blessings with much joy!

As a health ministry, Advanced Ideals Institute continues to disseminate the vital fundamental spiritual and physical truths of RBTI science and technology, as applied to agriculture and human health, through our web site. Our presence on the world wide web has resulted in not only a greater awareness of the unique value of RBTI science, but has also brought inquiries demonstrating a widely growing interest in RBTI. Thanks for being a part of our ministry. And we extend a special Mid Year blessing and thank you to all our students, friends, faithful supporters and customers.


FIRST: ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING —Here at Advanced Ideals Institute, we are very excited to announce that RBTI Level I online video training ready go live this week, which is the last week of May. Much to our surprise, while previously thinking that our RBTI Level I video training would be available the first of June, we are slightly ahead of schedule and we are so glad. All of the details will be found at the link above.

SECOND: PLEASE MAKE A POINT OF JOINING OUR EMAIL LIST — Everyone who has joined our e-Mail List will be receiving a special e-mail about RBTI Level I video training going live. If you do not receive an e-mail from us, it means you have not added your e-mail address to our List yet. Please don't hesitate go to our Home Page now and add your e-mail in the appropriate place under the video. This will keep you updated with future announcements as well.

Because of the greater challenge of managing our growing e-mail list, our system was changed in 2010 to better keep up. It now requires each individual to personally manage their own contact information that they enter in our email database. Each time you receive an e-mail from Advanced Ideals, you will see links at the bottom of the message that will allow you to log in and change your e-mail and other contact information you have chosen to enter in the database. You can also cancel your list subscription this way. If our e-mails to you bounce back to us, in case your contact information has changed, then your name will automatically be removed from the list. So do keep your contact information current, when there are changes on your end, as we will miss you! Thank you so much for your assistance with this. If you have changed your contact information and aren't sure you changed it with us go ahead and enter it again as duplicates will be automatically eliminated.

THIRD: RBTI PERSPECTIVE — Dr. Beddoe's Blog, coninues to attract more readers from around the world. In the right hand column you will notice a rotating wold map that keeps track of where in the world each visitor is from. If you haven't had a chance to visit RBTI Perspective yet, you may be missing out on some important RBTI understandings that have been posted. We welcome you to Dr. Beddoe's Blog addressing current topics, targeting health and agriculature, from the RBTI viewpoint.

FOURTH: LIVE SEMINARS — We want to let everyone know, that with the advent of our RBTI online video training, we will not be scheduling any live RBTI Level I, II, III or IV seminars for the foreseeable future. However, when there are enough students available, who have completed through RBTI Level III, a "Live Study Group" will be scheduled in Santa Barbara, California. Please stay tuned, if you would like to participate by being sure you are subscribed to our e-mail list.

FIFTH: RBTI GARDEN — We want to add that an RBTI Garden seminar will be a required part of our human RBTI training series to prepare for certification as well as to have a full and best understanding of RBTI. However, we will offer the Garden seminar singly to those who would like to take it without taking the whole human series. At this time we have not set the date for its availability and will be doing so later this year.


1) Burzynski Movie: We recently became aware of this doctor and his dedicated work in Texas. If you are not aware of what he is doing about cancer, you will find his practice very inspiring, stirring and valuable.

2) Live On Labs: We want remind everyone of a "non acid" form of Vitamin C that has been around for a couple of years now.

3) A 60 Minute Documentary titled "Living Proof." It is the true story of a New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith who would have died from swine flue he contracted, had his life not been saved through the insistance of his family to use IV Vitamin C and Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. The film offers a huge emphasis to how vital Vitamin C is to human chemistry as Dr. Reams has demonstrated. You can see an abreviated version here. For those interested, a dvd can be purchased from



When Dr. Beddoe first embarked on the writing of the new three volume textbook set, he had no idea of the complexity of the task combined with the challenge of time and, as we all experience, life happening while we are making plans! While not complaining, much has and continues to transpire and we remain fully engaged, happy and expectant of all good things.

Though we have no completion date for this ongoing project Dr. Beddoe is committed to leaving this legacy in honor of Dr. Ream's. Onward and forward and may the interruptions be few. Our sincere thank you for your continued patience.

The current textbooks remain as our standard reference material for RBTI all training as always.


Thank you all for being a most integral part in this ministry of sharing RBTI.


"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us." — Alexander Graham Bell