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WHAT IS Grandpa Ed's Body Defense Wonder-Food?

Body Defense is a tincture that is lovingly made from the highest quality whole echinacea plants grown by Grandpa Ed.

WHY WOULD ONE NEED Grandpa Ed's Body Defense Wonder-Food?

If one were to consider what the Native Americans found out about echinacea hundreds of years ago, then one will certainly understand why it is so valuable to keep a supply of Body Defense Wonder-Food on hand. As a medicinal herb, Native Americans found that echinacea was superior in counteracting wounds of all types, burns, abscesses, insect bites, infectious diseases, toothaches, joint pains as well as an antidote for rattlesnake bites. In other words, Native Americans had discovered the fantastic value of echinacea long before Europeans ventured to North America and it helped them counteract the killer dis-eases the white-man brought.

Grandpa Ed says that he has watched, during his life-time, so-called wonder drugs come and go, and many have had side effects worse than the dis-ease they are designed for. Yet, echinacea continues to be recognized by competent researchers throughout the world for its "extremely effective immune enhancing capabilities, as well as antiviral and antibacterial properties." According to Dr. Michael T. Murry, N.D., in a report written in 1995 entitled "Echinacea: Pharmacology and Clinical Applications," Murry lists over thirty ways that echinacea has been used from ancient times to the present in North America alone. By the way, Grandpa Ed will include a copy of Dr. Murray's report with every case of Body Defense Wonder-Food.


1) THE WAY IT IS GROWN: Grandpa Ed is growing his echinacea on high mineral soil utilizing the principles of Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) that he learned through Dr. Beddoe's garden book Nourishment Home Grown. Grandpa Ed says, "We take the best care of our soil with RBTI, for the key to all health is the soil."

2) HOW IT IS HARVESTED: Grandpa Ed selects and harvests only the very best parts of the plant based on very close inspection.

3) PROCESSING TIME: From the time the leaves, stems, flowers and roots are selected and harvested from the mother plant, it takes less than 30 minutes to process the echinacea into the extract solution. With the highest quality plants and the very short interval between harvest and preparation of the extract solution, Gandpa Ed's echinacea tincture has the highest possible potency. Some of the better echinacea processors take a minimum of two days, one to harvest and one to ship, before getting their echinacea in the extract solution, while others can take up to 10 days. The longer that harvested echinacea plants lay before being put into extract solution the more more of their natural healing potency is lost. No one can match Grandpa Ed's 30 minutes or less from harvest to extract solution timetable.


Grandpa Ed dispenses his echinacea in 8-ounce bottles. He then packages the 8-ounce bottles into a group of 4 which is called a "case." A case then has a total of 32 ounces from four 8 ounces per bottles.

Why 32 ounces? Grandpa Ed says that he has found that one person serious about the value of Body Defense Wonder-Food can use up to 32 ounces over a 12 month period. Thus, 32 ounces is considered a typical one year supply for one person.

Grandpa Ed makes two versions of extract. One is made with Vodka and is called Blue Label (pictured above). The other is made with a blend of Rums and is called Red Label (pictured above).

Case price for 32 ounces of Blue Label is $192/case plus shipping.

Case price for 32 ounces of Red Label is $224/case plus shipping.


Grandpa Ed typically takes orders in advance from established customers and then expands this production to include some new customers. So don't delay in placing your order, because he does not keep a large inventory from year to year. It is just plain first come, first serve as long as his supplies last. When his supply is out, you will need to wait for 90 days after the next harvest for the new batch to be ready.

HOW DO I PURCHASE Grandpa Ed's Body Defense Wonder-Food?

You will need to contact Grandpa Ed directly (see info below) to purchase his Body Defense echinacea product. It is not sold through this web-site Advanced Ideals Institute, along with Dr. Beddoe's personal experience, believes Body Defense is the highest quality, and most potent echinacea extract available, therefore, it needs much wider exposure. You need to know about it. This is the reason for this special page. Contact Ed right away to get you and your family's Body Defense on its way as soon as possible.


Grandpa Ed Jensen
13 Pinto Drive
Yerington, Nevada 89447




Grandpa Ed invites you to
•—Learn how to grow beautiful Echinacea plants in your own backyard.
•—Learn how to make your own year's supply of full strength Echinacea Tincture.

If you are interested in learning Grandpa Ed's secrets to making the absolute most potent and valuable echinacea extract, then you need to plan to attend one of this summer's classes.

All supplies to make 32-39 ounces of your own extract are supplied. Ed estimates that you would have to pay more than $400 retail for what you will make yourself during his class. You are even treated to an old fashioned home made farm lunch.

Classes are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The first class is coming on Wednesday July 19, 2006. Tuition is $125 per student.

Call Grandpa Ed at 775-463-4509 for details.

Echinacea Class-1Echinacea Class-2
Echinacea Class-3Echinacea Class-3

Here are some enthusiastic echinacea students.

Here is Gandpa Ed himself putting in some extra natural minerals that you will learn about.
Grandpa Ed

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