Liqui-Min Liquid Colloidal Minerals 32 oz

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Liqui-Min Liquid Colloidal Minerals, 32 oz

We use mineral water from T.J. Clark in Utah. This source of ionized and colloidal liquid minerals is the original colloidal mineral water using lignite, which is derived from ancient vegetation (in between peat moss and coal). Water is slowly dripped through the lignite, allowing it to accumulate the rich natural blend of easily assimilated trace elements. This is an excellent, hard-to-find source of trace elements. Liqui-Min is available in 32 fl. oz. bottles. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CONFUSE THIS "COLLOIDAL" TERM USED WITH THIS MINERAL SUPPLEMENT WITH THE MINERAL "COLLOIDS" THAT REAMS DISCOVERED IN THE SUPPLEMENT MIN-COL.

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