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This the the only RBTI Garden Book of it kind. If you want to know the why and how of raising high brix and nutrient dense food in your home garden, this is the only book that tells you how it is done that is written for the back yard gardener

GO BEYOND ORGANIC — Gardening That Is!

Hi there, I’m Dr. Beddoe, author of Nourishment Home Grown, a most unusual approach to obtaining perfect health by revealing RBTI the  science of soil chemistry and plant growth that holds the keys to growing, in your garden, the most nourishing foods possible.

In my early days in dental practice I came face to face with dis-ease as all dental practitioners do. I couldn’t answer my own penetrating questions, concerning the cause of dental disease.

In fact, I could not find answers within any of the areas of medical science that I searched. Those questions, however,  lead me on a fascinating journey into understanding the real meaning of perfect health. This was as a result of meeting and studying with a most unique scientist and agricultural engineer by the name of Dr. Carey Reams.

In studying and interacting with Dr. Reams I was brought 180 degrees back to the soil as the vital basis for properly understanding where perfect health starts.

I began to retrace my steps back to a new interaction with the soil, which had been such a integral part of my family’s farming heritage. The science that Dr. Reams was led to discover, and the technology he subsequently developed from his discoveries, is what Nourishment Home Grown is all about.

NOURISHMENT HOME GROWN is the only garden book of its kind. It is the only one based on the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI).  While working with Dr. Reams he requested that I write out, in book form, what I was learning from him and after completing the first RBTI agricultural textbook and the first RBTI human nutrition textbook I had requests from others asking me to write an RBTI book for the home gardener. Thus, the first edition of Nourishment Home Grown became a reality in the early 90s.

It is not easy to give a summary of Nourishment Home Grown;  how does one summarize concepts that gardeners have never before been aware of. Allow me to share with you  a few sample tidbits of what Nourishment Home Grown is about.

  • Do you know that there are two different and totally opposite forms of energy  involved in growing any type of plant? It takes one type of energy to grow the leaf and stalk of a plant and another to grow the fruit and seed. If you don’t know how the two types work you may end up with more tomato plant than tomatoes or more water melon leaves than water melons.
  • Do you know how to measure the nutrient level of the food growing in your garden and available at your fresh produce stand? There is one substance, that plants produce, that contains the nutrient mineral so vital to human health. The farmer or gardener can control how much of that substance is produced in their crops if they understand the RBTI science and technology of the soil and plant and how they interact. Nourishment Home Grown puts RBTI Technology into the grasp of the gardener so they can grow the greatest nutrient density into their crops. This is where the gardener and farmer begin to understand the relationship between soil and sickness.
  • Do you know how to make your own special plant foods that will grow the most nutritious garden produce? Nourishment Home Grown reveals how to determine what is needed in these special plant foods, which then allow the specific plants to produce what the gardener is after.
  • Do you know how to make the best compost ever? Typical compost is no better  than its ingredients. In other words, if a compost is composed of plant materials from sick and weak plants, the compost that results will be no better. Unfortunately, often gardeners and farmers are not aware of what makes up a high quality and high energy compost; Nourishment Home Grown reveals all.
  • Do you know that just because a food is grown “organically”  this does not necessarily mean it is nutritious. Nourishment Home Grown reveals why this is so and how to go beyond organic.
  • Do you know that all degenerative dis-ease has its cause in lack of proper mineral in the diet? Nourishment Home Grown gives you the reason why this is true, based on the science and technology of RBTI.

Dr. Beddoe believes, based on his 30+ years of working with RBTI, that healthy and high mineral energy soil can have a massively greater benefit on the health of humanity, than all the medical institutions and organizations that will ever exist.

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