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RBTI Textbook set contains both Dr. Beddoe's RBTI human nutrition text Biological Theory of Ionization as applied to Human Nutrition and his RBTI agriculture text Biological Theory of Ionization as applied to Farming and Soil Management.


If you have finished your introduction to Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI), and are ready to get into the heart of the subject, to benefit yourself and family, then you will definitely want these textbooks.

Hi there, I’m Dr. A. F. Beddoe, and I want to tell you about the RBTI textbooks I’ve designed, with you in mind, that are paramount to your fulfilling the learning journey you have embarked upon into the science of RBTI.

If you are serious about wanting to learn all you can about RBTI, then you need both of these textbooks. If you truly want to understand RBTI thoroughly, you must become knowledgeable in both the human application as well as the soil/plant application of RBTI.

RBTI technology, as it applies to human nutrition and dietary bioelectrochemistry, can be challenging. However, if you are sure to include the study of the more direct RBTI agricultural application, you will certainly shorten your learning curve. I encourage everyone to have both RBTI textbooks available for  your active study. Being an RBTI book owner helps no one. You must be an RBTI book user. Even if you are not involved with gardening or agriculture, in any way, studying the agricultural text along side the human text will give you a tremendous advantage in grasping a thorough understanding of human bioelectrochemistry.

Learning both applications of RBTI is so vital in thoroughly owning the subject of RBTI. I want you to see how unique and incredibly valuable the contents of  the RBTI textbooks are. These texts are not sold through Amazon, unless they are being offered as a used book. By the way, not long ago a used copy of the RBTI human text was offered on Amazon for over $1,500. While it’s hard not to take that as  a compliment, we don’t want people miss the real source supplier (AdvancedIdeals.org) where they are sold for $125 each. 

When purchasing the RBTI farm and soil book along with the RBTI human nutrition book,  the price is reduced by 10% and sells as a set for $225.

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