VegeZyme Vegetarian Digestive Enzyme 90 caps

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VegZyme Vegetarian Digestive Enzyme 90 caps

VegeZyme TM is a powerful, all natural vegetarian, enzyme supplement. VegeZyme TM allows vegetarians to enjoy optimal digestive health while maintaining a strictly vegetarian supplement program. This product contains digestive enzymes that naturally occur in the Aspergillus oryzae extract (amylase 2400 DU, lactase 400 ALU, protease 4.5 600 HUT, lipase 100 FIP and cellulase 20 CU). This product also contains bromelain 720000 FCCPU and papaya leaf 50 mg. VegeZyme TM is available in bottles of 90 vegetarian capsules. (Enzymes derived from Pineapple, Rhizopus Oryzae, Aspergillus Oryzae and Trichoderma Lonibrachiatum, C and Papaya)

NOTE : combined with Digestine, this is a Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme (FSDE).

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